Welcome to Tattoo Genesis Affiliate Program!

Follow These Three Steps And Start Earning

1. Log in to your private affiliate panel

  • Access¬†your Affiliate Panel: To enter the panel where you can manage your affiliate activities, simply click on the "Affiliate Login" button.

  • Affiliate link:¬†Within the affiliate panel,¬†you will find¬†your unique affiliate link. This link is crucial as it is used to track sales back to you.

  • Sales¬†attribution:¬†Sales made through the affiliate link will be attributed to you. This attribution is valid for 30 days following the initial click-through by a client.

  • Coupon¬†Code:¬†The program offers a Personal Coupon¬†Code that affiliates can share with their audience. This code provides a 40% discount at checkout, enhancing the attractiveness of the offer.

  • Spread the Word: Share your affiliate Link and Coupon Code on¬†your¬†social media, blogs, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to promote the products and engage with their audience.


*If you haven't signed up, please Sign Up to go ahead.

Affiliate Login


2. Access and use our marketing materials

Inside the Marketing folder, you will find a variety of marketing materials we have prepared specifically for our affiliates.

Use these materials, or create your own marketing content.

Marketing Folder


3. Printing money

For each purchase made through your link, you will receive a 40% commission.
Payments are made every month. Drop by every few days to track your monthly earnings