About Tattoo Genesis

With Tattoo Genesis, aspiring tattoo artists and experienced artists alike can become masters at their craft through our online tattoo apprenticeships.

We offer artists a great opportunity to learn from industry experts. This isĀ because our focus is on sharing the knowledge and techniques of top performing tattoo artist, Hugo Feist.

When we looked at was was available on the market, we noticed there wasn't a comprehensive tattoo apprenticeship program at an affordable price. Tattoo artists with talent could be very successful tattoo artists. But due to lack of guidance and support, they struggle to develop their skills. We have built a platform to help artists succeed by providing them with the resources they need to further their careers.

We give artists access to Hugo Feist's exclusive insights and tutorials through our online tattoo apprenticeship program. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques.

At Tattoo Genesis, we aim to provide students with the best education and support possible.

Our platform is constantly improving and expanding to keep up with industry changes.

Hopefully, our knowledge and expertise will inspire an upcoming generation of talented tattoo artists and elevate the standard of tattooing to a whole new level!